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Ipomoea batatas 'Sweet Caroline Raven'

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IPO-SWE-502-F45G #4.5 Green Pot

Ipomoea is a great plant to add to any floral environment. Its high versatility makes it a wise choice for hanging baskets or ground coverage. Mix varieties of Ipomoea for unique trellis walls, hanging baskets, patio containers, and window boxes. Combine with other plants in the landscape to create a variety of color, texture, and dimension.

Sweet Caroline Raven has rich dark purple-black palmate leaves. It is a full to partial sun plant that is trailing and well mounded. Caroline Raven has a spread of 20-36 inches, requiring a space of 10-12 inches to properly grow, and has an optimal height of 6-16 inches. Sweet Caroline Raven is the perfect fit for use as a highlight plant in your window boxes and hanging baskets, garden landscapes, or patio combinations.

  • Breeder: Proven Winner
  • Height: 6-16 Inches
  • Spread: 20-36 Inches
  • Spacing: 10-12 Inches
  • Zone: Zones 10 - 11

Ipomoea is a compact, warm weather annual and tender perennial, and is commonly known as the sweet potato vine plant. This tender perennial is borne from fleshy tuberous roots and is a vigorous, herbaceous, stubby vines that originate from Central and South America. Members of the Sweet Caroliine series are the least compact of the ipomoea selections but has the widest color pallete in deeply lobed leaves. Sweet Caroline Raven works perfectly in container combinations, hanging baskets, and throughout the landscape as a filler or border crop. It withstands partial sun and looks great alongside most other flowering ornamentals or as an accent plant in tropical gardens.

Sweet Caroline Raven is a well-mounded plant, featuring rich, dark purple-black palmate leaves. It is commonly used for mass planting, a window box display, or containers. The taller and fuller varieties go nicely as mixed fillers in the garden. Ipomoea grows best in moist, fertile, well-drained soil, and is a full to partial sun exposure flower. Sweet Caroline Raven thrives in the heat, is easy to grow, and will not overcrowd other plants. Sweet Caroline Raven will last all season long. A key feature of Sweet Caroline Raven is that it is heat and drought tolerant. This variety also does not require deadheading.