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Euphorbia hypericifolia 'Breathless Blush'

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EUP-BRE-401-F45G #4.5 Green Pot

Breathless Blush is a great flower to add to any floral environment. Its high versatility makes it a wise choice as a border or edging plant. Create beautiful potted combinations and garden landscapes, or accent floral bouquets with this whimsical beauty. Breathless Blush has a spread of 20-24 inches, requiring a space of 10-12 inches to properly grow and has an optimal height of 8-12 inches.

Breathless Blush features airy light pink petals that fade to white on red flushed leaves. These blooms cover the dark red-flushed foliage all season. The ability to thrive in full or part sun, complement many other plants or flowers, or simply stand alone make it a great choice for your home and garden.

Euphorbia is a mounded, warm weather annual and tender perennial. Breathless Blush is the first dark foliaged variety of Euphorbia. This elegant and durable series includes a stunning blush deep green and red-flushed leaves and white with pink-flushed flowers. Heat-tolerant Breathless Blush fills in fast, forming stocky, well-mounded plants, and displays a showy mass of self-cleaning flowers all summer across a wide range of conditions. These long-lasting, free-flowering plants are well suited for a solo feature, or a mixed container combination. They also thrive as in-ground plantings or holiday gift planters, and have low water needs. Euphorbia Breathless Blush is commonly most known as baby’s breath, and is often used as the accent flower to complement roses and other cut bouquets.

Breathless Blush is a well-mounded and compact plant, featuring airy light pink petals that fades to white on dark red flushed leaves. This variety is a compact flower bred by BallSeed. Euphorbia originated in regions of Mexico and Southern to Eastern Africa. It is commonly used for hanging baskets, mass planting,  or to create texture in your garden. The taller and fuller varieties go nicely as mixed fillers in the garden and even in cut flower arrangements. Breathless Blush grows best in average, fertile, well-drained soil, and is a full to partial sun exposure flower. Unique features of this variety include dark green leaves that are flushed with red, and small white bracts flushed with pink which cover the plant all season. Euphorbia also has a long bloom life. Key attributes of Breathless Blush are heat tolerance, drought tolerance, and no deadheading required.