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Dorotheanthus bellidiformis 'Mezoo Trailing Red'

SKU Name
DOR-MEZ-101-F06G #6 Green Pot
DOR-MEZ-101-F45G #4.5 Green Pot
DOR-MEZ-101-LS51 Rooted Cutting 51 CT Tray

Mezoo Trailing Red is a great plant to add to any garden or floral environment. Its high versatility makes it a wise choice as a border or edging plant. Create beautiful potted combinations, hanging baskets, window boxes, and garden landscapes with trailing red as a unique accent plant. Trailing Red has vibrant red blooms that would be excellent in a patio container or as a feature plant in your home. Mezoo Trailing Red has a spread of 18-20 inches, requiring a space of 12-14 inches to properly grow and has an optimal height of 6-8 inches.

Mezoo Trailing Red features deep red-rose dime sized flowers that stay open during cloudy weather and has succulent green leaves with white edges. These plants are covered by bright green-white foliage all season and occasional blooms. The ability to thrive in full sun, tolerate high heat levels, complement many other plants or flowers, or simply stand alone make it a great choice for your home and garden.

  • Breeder: Syngenta Flowers
  • Bloom Color: Red 
  • Height: 6-8 Inches
  • Spread: 18-20 Inches
  • Spacing: 12-14 Inches
  • Zone: Zones 9 - 10
  • RC 102 Tray

Mezoo Trailing Red is a trailing, warm weather annual and tender perennial. Dorotheanthus is commonly known as a Livingstone Daisy. It is an easy to grow annual that becomes covered in bright maroon, daisy-like blooms all season long. It is native to South Africa. Also called Ice Plant, this mat-forming beauty is a true rock garden plant, adapted to sunny, open, rocky areas with sharply drained soil. Mezoo Trailing Red thrives where summers are not too hot or humid.

Mezoo Trailing Red is a sprawling to mounding plant with succulent green leaves edged with white and occasionally accented by button-sized red flowers in spring. This annual succulent is from South Africa’s Cape Provinces. The small, round, daisy-like flowers appear on the stems among the heavy, elliptical, pointed leaves. Bright flowers with many petite petals remain open during cloudy weather, unlike other Livingstone daises which close if the sky darkens. This variety is a compact flower bred by Syngenta. It is commonly used as a border plant, in hanging baskets, or in a patio container. The fuller varieties go nicely as mixed fillers in the garden and even in a cut flower arrangement for your home. Mezoo Trailing Red grows best in soil that is evenly moiste but well-drained, and is a full sun plant. Unique features of this variety include deep rose dime-sized flowers that stay open during cloudy weather and at night. A key feature of Mezoo Trailing Red is its great heat, sun, and drought tolerance. Mezoo Trailing Red has great succulent foliage which provides a unique accent to any potted combo or garden landscape.