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Aster Novi-Belgii 'Showmakers Arctic White'

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AST-SHO-401-LS51 Rooted Cuttings 51 Count Tray

Asters are a flowering perennial that provides a stunning amount of blooms in unique colors, for fall sales. The variety Believer Purple is a early to mid (North Sept 11-16), Deep Purple Daisy Aster with Yellow Center that can be found in our #9 pot. The flower size for Believer Purple is medium and the variety is sold under the blue/lavender category on the Lucas order sheet.

The pollen on open Aster flowers often attracts bees. It is best for Asters to be sold when only a few flowers are showing color. This will reduce the amount of bees your customers have to fight off when purchasing the plants and ensures the customer of maximum home enjoyment.

Great Companions for Aster 'Showmakers Artic White'