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Aster Novi-Belgii 'Days Blue'

SKU Name
AST-DAY-501-F09M #9 Pot
AST-DAY-501-LS51 Rooted Cutting 51 CT Tray

Asters are a flowering perennial that provides a stunning amount of blooms in unique colors, for fall sales. The variety Days Blue is a Early to Mid (North Sept 11-16), Bright Blue Daisy Aster with Yellow Center that can be found in our #9 pot. The flower size for Days Blue is small and the variety is sold under the blue/lavender catergory on the Lucas order sheet.

The pollen on open Aster flowers often attracts bees. It is best for Asters to be sold when only a few flowers are showing color. This will reduce the amount of bees your customers have to fight off when purchasing the plants and ensures the customer of maximum home enjoyment.