Pre-Finished Spring Annuals

Lucas Greenhouses offers a great selection of Spring Pre-Finished Annuals. All pre-finished material & rooted cuttings must go thru the broker network.

We carry the best varieties from Proven Winners, Syngenta, Ball, Ecke, Fides/Oro, Kieft Pro Seeds, Sakata, Selecta, Suntory, Benary, Danziger and more. Our goal is to make this program as easy as possible for our customers, therefore all sizes and varieties are approximately 4 to 6 weeks from finish depending on growing conditions and pot size.

We offer the following sizes in our Pre-Finish program.

  • #8 Hanging Basket - 108 pots per cart
  • #8 Terra Pot - 102 pots per cart
  • #4.5 Pot - 28 cases per cart
  • #10 Hanging Basket - 60 pots per cart
  • #12 Hanging Basket - 48 pots per cart
  • #14 Moss/Coco Basket - 20 pots per cart
  • #14 Terra Pot - 16 pots per cart
  • #12 Terra Pot - 40 pots per cart

You can download a complete copy of our Pre-Finished offering sheets and info sheet at the bottom of our Prefinish home page.  If you would like to view additional photo's of this program click here Pre-Finished Photo Gallery.  In order to receive material for 2023 we must receive your order, thru your broker, by November 1st 2022. There will be limited availability after the date, so please, place your orders early.

Ship Dates For Spring Pre-Finished 2023

Week 10

Week 12

Week 14

Week 16