Spring Pre-Finished

If you are tight on space or just looking to save on fuel cost by opening up your greenhouses later in the year, Lucas Greenhouses supplies a spring pre-finished program that you can purchase from your favorite broker.

Let us handle the early challenges of a crop while you save money, time, space, and turn your greenhouses faster! Grown right in proven media, with proper nutrition and treatments, our spring pre-finished program will put you on the fast track toward a successful spring.  Our goal is to make this program as easy as possible for our customers, therefore all sizes and varieties are approximately 4 to 6 weeks from finish, depending on pot sizes and growing conditions and desired finished size.

We offer four different shipping weeks, typically starting in mid-March and running every two weeks, closing out near the end of April.  You will receive a complete set of crop notes with every shipment, detailing how your crop has been handled and what chemical treatments have already been applied to your plants. Orders for the Spring Program should be in to us from your broker by early October.

Pre-Finished Poinsettias

Shipping out typically near the end of September, our pre-finished poinsettia program is another great way for you to cut costs and reduce headaches.  All the main sizes are offered in this program including #4.5, #6.5, #7.5, #8.5, #10 pots, plus #10 hanging baskets.

Our pre-finished poinsettias come with Safari pre-applied for whitefly control and a complete set of crop notes will accompany the delivery so that you know exactly where your crop stands.  All #6.5, #7.5, #8.5, and #10 pot poinsettias will come with plant supporting rings to help avoid stem breakage issues.

Mountain View

Preview the varieties of the Poinsettias we offer in these catalogs:

All the above programs are only sold through the broker network.

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