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Geranium Interspecific pelargonium interspecific 'Calliope Large Hot Pink'

SKU Name
GEI-CAP-301-F12T #12 Terra Pot
GEI-CAP-301-F14T #14 Terra Pot
GEI-CAP-301-LP26 Rooted Cutting 26 Count Strip

The Calliope's are a interspecific series of geraniums brought to us by Syngenta Flowers.  This breakthrough collection combines the best of zonal and ivy geraniums into one superior plant.  Characteristics such as heat loving, drought tolerant, large semi-double flowers, extremely well branched and vigorous make Calliope the new standard for geraniums.  Calliope Dark Red features large dark velvet red flowers that work equally well in the landscape and baskets or containers.  This variety is unmatched on the market and has garnered numerous performance-trialing awards.  Combine with Euphorbia Euphoric White for a breathtaking display.

  • Offers Unmatched Color Brilliance & Best In-Class Garden Performance
  • Perfect for Premium Retail Sales in Pots, Baskets and Combinations
  • Although Calliope is a Heat Lover that Thrives in Hot, Sunny Gardens, it Performs Equally Well in Partial-Sun Landscapes

  • 26 Strip