Viola cornuta 'Sorbet Citrus Mix'

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Viola cornuta 'Sorbet Citrus Mix'

SKU Name
VIO-SOR-902-804D Spring 804 Deep Bedding Flat
VIO-SOR-902-804D Fall 804 Deep Bedding Flat
VIO-SOR-902-F12B Spring #12 Bowl
VIO-SOR-902-F55G Spring #5.5 Green Pot
VIO-SOR-902-F55G Fall #5.5 Green Pot

Pansy’s & viola’s are all part of a closely related family.  Viola’s are typically more rain tolerant because of their smaller blooms and often are more hardy then their pansy cousins if they have been given time to develop a good footing.  Viola’s are available in an amazing array of colors and may have a blotch in the center or whiskers at the base of its petals.  Sorbet Citrus Mix is a blend of Orange Delight, Yellow Delight and Coconut.   The blooms are 1 inch and appear in abundance on uniform, compact plants.  The Sorbet Series has outstanding vigor, is extremely floriferous and handles both frost and rain well.  The series also overwinters well and holds up good in the heat. 


  • Mix of orange, yellow imp and white
  • Flower size 1"

Viola and Pansy flowers are both edible and produce a subtle fragrance.  When temps drop below 25 degrees their foliage will wilt & turn a grey-green as a defense from the cold. 


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