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Vinca catharanthus roseus 'Cora XDR Polka Dot'

SKU Name
VIN-COR-403-F45B #4.5 Black Pot
VIN-COR-403-F55G #5.5 Green Pot

Cora Apricot produces large 2” blooms, featuring a pastel apricot with bright rose eye. Plants are both heat and drought tolerant, making them ideal for everything from borders, edges, containers and rock gardens to mass plantings. The Cora series is a F1 hybrid collection bred with a patented resistance to the common vinca threat known as aerial Phytophthora. Uniform flowering across the series allows you to mix and match different cora colors.

  • Height: 14-16 Inches
  • Spread: 18-20 Inches
  • A series of F1 Hybrid Vinca (an F1 hybrid is the result of crossing two pure lines) that requires little to no maintenance, has a more uniform habit that is less prone to stretching, produces huge, show-stopping flowers, and is a real heat lover that continues to produce throughout the high temperatures of summer
  • Cora's are great for mass plantings in the landscape, gardens, borders or containers producing a carpet of color
  • What really sets this series apart is its patented resistance to Aerial Phytophthora, a common disease that affects vinca