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Verbena hybrida 'Lanai Candy Cane'

SKU Name
VER-LNA-111-F08T #8 Terra Pot
VER-LNA-111-F10H #10 Hanging Basket
VER-LNA-111-F45G #4.5 Green Pot
VER-LNA-111-LS51 Rooted Cutting 51 CT Tray

The Lanai Series, bred by Syngenta, is a trailing variety that is very versatile. Display Lanai as a solo feature in hanging baskets, or as a border crop around large container combinations on the patio. Utilize their trailing nature to create a canopy of color when planted as ground coverage, or feature as an edging crop around the gardens. The Lanai Series comes in a variety of breathtaking colors with broad leaves.  Lanai Denim Blue features red and white bi-colored blooms. It has a spread of 20-24 inches, a space of 12-18 inches, and a height of 6-10 inches.

  • Breeding Breakthrough Flower Patterns
  • Versatile Product for Use in Monocuture, Single Component Items, and to Spice Up
  • Mixed Containers

  • RC 102 Tray

Verbena is a warm weather annual and tender perennial with a vigorous nature and trailing growth habit. These early bloomers are low and spreading, with ever-blooming flowers and ferny, much divided deep green leaves with toothed edges. They are a favorite of butterflies, producing many rounded clusters of small, tubular, five-lobed flowers with wide-flaring tips. Verbena are available in shades of red, blue, white, pink, purple, or rose and can be found across the Americas and some parts of Europe and Asia.

Verbena is commonly featured in hanging baskets, container combinations, rock gardens, or for mass planting in the garden. The taller and fuller varieties go nicely as mixed fillers in the garden. Verbena will continuously bloom all season long and are quite tolerant of drought, heat and humidity. They prefer full sun and moderately fertile, amply drained soil. Too much shade results in leggy plants with sparse flowering. Key features of this variety include mildew resistance, heat, frost, and drought tolerance, and no deadheading required.