Photo Courtesy of Ball Seed

Portulaca grandiflora 'Happy Hour Banana'


Happy Hour Banana is high impact color with its vivid bright yellow, semi-double blooms. The Happy Hour series is mounding with narrow, green leaves and uniform flowering among the collection. Butterflies and hummingbirds flock to the bright colors. Flower will close at night and during cloudy days. Is at home when placed in a hot, dry place such as a border along a driveway or sidewalk. Can also be used in rock gardens, walls, containers, or as a mass planting in the garden.  As long as it is exposed to the sun and can avoid wet feet, you should be good to go. Does not appear to be a favored snack for deer.

Height: 8-10 in

Spread: 10-12 in

Color: Yellow

Growing Tips for Homeowners:

The Happy Hour Portulaca series is ideal for hot, dry full-sun locations. Extremely cold sensitive, so plant well after the threat of frost has passed in the spring. Requires only infrequent watering, as it prefers to be on the dry side and should not be planted anywhere that does not have well-draining soil. Common insects that can impact your portulaca include spider mites and thrips . Disease challenges can include rhizoctonia and pythium.

Characteristics & Attributes:

Attracts Wildlife:

  • Hummingbirds
  • Butterflies


  • Heat Tolerant
  • Drought Tolerant
  • Succulent Foliage
  • Semi-Double Flower

Design Use:

  • Trellis / Wall
  • Tropical
  • Border
  • Rock Garden
  • Mass Planting
  • Texture
  • Ground Cover
  • Edging
  • Window Boxes
  • Container


  • Full Sun

Foliage Color:

  • Bright Green


  • Mounding

Season of Interest (Flowering):

  • Summer
  • Spring

Season of Interest (Foliage):

  • Summer
  • Spring

Soil Moisture:

  • Well Drained
  • Average
  • Dry