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Mum chrysanthemum x morifolium 'Electra Amber Improved'

SKU Name
MUG-ELE-201-F06G #6 Green Pot
MUG-ELE-201-F09M #9 Pot
MUG-ELE-201-F10H #10 Hanging Basket
MUG-ELE-201-F12T #12 Terra Pot
MUG-ELE-201-F14T #14 Terra Pot
MUG-ELE-201-LS51 Rooted Cutting 51 CT Tray

Mums are a low maintenance and easy to grow plant for fall. They are loaded with flowers and come in a wide selection of colors, flower types and bloom times. Lucas Greenhouses grows a full range of mums starting with very early varieties and finishing with late season extenders to keep you in color all fall. Electra Amber is a Gold Decorative that flowers very early in the season. Electra's rich gold flowers are long lasting and its plant habit is uniform.

Mums bloom in response to the shorter days and longer nights of fall. Normal rainfall is often sufficient for mums. During dry spells, water as needed to keep from wilting. The vigor listed for each mum relates to both plant height and width. There are three main growth habit's listed for our mum's: Classic = old fashion garden mum habit or semi-upright. Mound = nice round habit but not quite a sphere. Sphere = very round with flowers all down the sides.