Burpee Melon 'Ambrosia'

Extra-sweet and juicy with a delectable aroma, these melons are good right down to the rind. 

Interesting Notes:

Melons need a constant supply of water, and particular attention should be paid during summer dry spells. They are rarely bothered by pests and disease. It's best to rotate your melon crops each year ensuring that you are not planting melons in the same spot each year.


Growing Tips for Homeowners:

Ambrosia melon is an exotic melon hybrid that might be confused with a cantaloupe, but it’s quite different. Its flesh is very sweet, tender and pale orange in color with a flavor described as “a combination of allmelons plus flowers.” These melons prefer full sun and require an inch of water each week. It’s best to grow them on some kind of support or trellis and you’ll know when they are ready to eat because the melon will slip off the vine.