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Bidens ferulifolia 'Beedance Painted Red'

SKU Name
BID-BEE-101-LS51 Rooted Cutting 51 CT Tray

Bidens are a great plant to add to any floral environment. Their high versatility makes them a wise choice as a filler or border plant. Yellow Sunshiine is the perfect filler in potted arrangements or in the garden as ground cover. Since Yellow Sunshine is a semi-trailing plant, it is ideal for hanging baskets and adds a beautiful addition to any porch, patio, or deck area.

  • Breeder: Suntory
  • Bloom Color: Yellow Orange Red 
  • Height: 9-11 Inches
  • Spread: 36-48 Inches
  • Spacing: 10-14 Inches
  • Zone: 9 to 10
  • RC 102 Tray

Bidens is a flowering plant in the Aster family, and is named for the fruit it produces. During the summer months when walking outside you may find tiny seeds stuck to your socks or pants. Biden seeds have tiny barbs that allow the seeds the attach to fur or clothing as a means of seed dispersion.

Bidens Beedance Painted Red is an annual developed by Suntory. It is commonly used in container combinations and hanging baskets as a spiller, for mass planting, as border or edging crops, in window boxes, rock gardens, or as ground cover. Key features of this variety include long and continuous blooming, heat tolerance, drought tolerance, and no deadheading.