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Ageratum houstonianum 'Artist Blue'

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AGE-ART-501-F45G #4.5 PW Pot

Ageratum is a popular filler choice. Whether in a potted combination or in your landscape, Artist Blue is complimentary to many flowers and has a very low pest risk. This hardy little plant needs a space of 10-12 inches to properly grow, as the height to be expected is 8 to 12 inches while the spread should be between 6 to 10 inches.

Ageratum features opposite cordate shaped leaves with a hairy texture and small fluffy flowers that provide a burst of color all summer long. Its ability to thrive in full heat and full sun make it a very good choice for hard to fill locations in container combinations, landscaping, and window boxes.

Ageratum Artist Blue provides a blue-purple flower and has recieved several awards for its performance. It is a hardy, mounded, well-branching plant with good flower canopy and unique color quality.

While the majority of Ageratum species, family Asteraceae, are native to Central America and Mexico, a few are actually native to North America. Its environment of origin is one of tropical heat and warm temperatures. Ageratum thrives in full or part sun at a temperature safe from the threat of frost and is one of few annuals to tolerate light shade.

Artist Blue is a vegetative line produced by Proven Winners, which is more uniform and consistent in flowering than seed grown varieties. Ageratum is commonly called floss flower because of its small, uniquely textured, "fluffy" flowers, which burst forth from the end of each stem. This compact annual provides a very rare shade of true blue to the floral spectrum and is a great companion to many other plants in a garden landscape or potted arrangement.