Impatiens for the Sun

This revolutionary hybrid impatiens series are heat-loving impatiens that grow in sun or shade and will flower from late spring to first frost.  Unlike regular impatiens, SunPatiens are resistant to Impatiens Downy Mildew!  With their eye-catching flowers & excellent shelf life, they will be a welcome addition to your garden center or landscape.  We offer SunPatiens in our 306 Handle Pack Tray, #4.5 Pot, #6 Pot, and #8 Terra Pots.

Benefits of SunPatiens:

  • Flourishes in high heat & humidity
  • High impact color, low maintenance
  • Resistant to Impatiens Downy Mildew
  • Provides up to 3 times the coverage and color of a standard bedding plant
  • Gets better as the season goes on lasting into the first hard frost of Fall
  • Thrives in both full sun & part sun locations
  • Vigorous growth habit
  • Fewer plants required then traditional seed-annuals for equal coverage


 SunPatiens can be planted in less density to save time & money!  If you want fast coverage, we recommend 12” x 12”… if you can wait a little for the plants to fill in try doing them at 18” x 18”.  As plant spacing increases, fewer plants are required for equal coverage.  The compact varieties will fill in over the course of the summer even at that spacing.  The vigorous varieties will fill in even faster!


Plant SunPatiens later in spring when soil temperatures are higher. Be sure to keep them well watered and feed until they have time to establish after transplant. They can take a little bit longer to establish  than seed impatiens do, but once established they flourish.