The Heat is On!

This summer, beat the heat with Lucas Greenhouses Summer Sensations. Provide your customers with the option of buying fresh, beautiful product while your competition is still selling tired spring leftovers. Let them freshen up their gardens and beautify their backyards.

The Summer Sensations are optimum performers, selected for their heat and humidity tolerance. From early-July through mid-August we offer them in #9 Pots and #10 Hanging Baskets. For instant impact we offer our combinations in larger sizes, #12 Hanging Basket and #14 Terra Pot.

Since this program has been such a big hit with our garden centers, we are continuing to increase the numbers and offerings. Some of the top sellers in our Summer Sensation Program include Carita Angelonia, Scentropia Dark Blue Heliotrope, Starcluster Pentas, Pazzaz Portulaca and SunPatiens.


  • Fresh product when your competition looks tired
  • Optimum performers selected for their heat & humidity tolerance
  • Larger size pots for instant impact
  • Increased profit margins


SUMMER COMBINATION - Hanging Baskets & Terra Pots

Pgs 19-23 in our catalog