Fall Program

Mums, Asters, Cabbage, Kale and Much More...



Known for their array of color choices, versatility and flower shapes, mums are a definite fixture in the fall garden. They are low maintenance, loaded with flowers and easy to grow. Lucas Greenhouses grows a full range of mums starting with very early varieties and finishing with late season extenders to keep you in color all fall. Our mums are loaded with blooms, that can last for weeks and they are perfect for mass plantings.

We take great pride in carefully selecting through the hundreds of mum varieties offered and growing only the very best for our customers. These select mums are grown on our “state-of-the-art” production field, which includes ground cover and drip tape supplying constant liquid feed to the mums. The production field, combined with generous spacing and proper growth regulation, help develop strong, well-branched plants. The result of all this work is the perfectly shaped mum that we are known for, and that will allow you to stand out from the competition.

We offer our mums in 6 different pot sizes. Our most popular size is our #9 pot. We grow well over 400,000 of this size pot every year and it is perfect for retail sales and large displays in the landscape. We also offer mums in our #4.5 pot (which is sold in solid cases of 8), our #6 pot (which is sold in solid cases of 6), our #10 Hanging Basket, #12 Terra Pot and #14 Terra Pot.

*We have carefully selected early, mid-season, late and season extenders to give you the best selection in an array of colors all season long. 


Providing a stunning amount of blooms, in unique colors, Asters are a flowering perennial that will give you a burst of blue, purple, pink, or white in late summer/early fall.

The pollen on open Aster flowers often attracts bees. It is best for the Asters to be brought into your garden center or installed in a landscape when only a few flowers are open. We would recommend that customers avoid placing near decks, patios, or other social locations since they are so attractive to bees.

 Cabbage CabbageKaleHeader

Known for its cold tolerance and colorful shades that intensify as the temperature drops, ornamental cabbage and kale continues to become a popular cool season addition in many landscapes.  We offer them in 3 sizes including our #9 pot (our main size), our #6 pot (sold in solid cases of 6 and perfect for combination pots or window boxes), and #4.5 pot (sold in solid cases of 8).  We grow almost 100,000 to keep your garden center filled well into the fall.  Two of the more distinct kale that we offer, include Glamour Red with its unique rose-red shiny-fringed center leaves and Redbor and its dark purple-magenta finely curled leaves.