With great early spring and fall sales, pansies remain the most sold flower in the world. Their full range of color and impressive flowers have so many great uses in garden beds, containers, borders and landscapes. This tough, hardy, and easy to grow plant proves to be a great choice throughout the cold-weather seasons. All the pansy cultivars chosen for production by Lucas Greenhouse over-winter well.

There are two main types of pansies, clear or pure & face or blotch. A pansy with a face/blotch features a dark blotch in the center of a flower. Whether you are looking for a pure color, blotched or an eye-catching mix, with over 40 different selections in both the spring and fall you are sure to find what you want.



In both the spring and fall we offer our pansies in two main sizes, the 804 deep flats and the #5.5 Pots. The 804 contains 8 cell packs of 4 plants each, giving a total of 32 plants per tray. These deep flats give an abundance of soil volume with each plant. The #5.5 pots contain 3 plants per pot which allow for instant size and color in any garden. The #5.5 pots are sold in solid cases of 8 pots per case.

For our landscapers, we offer our pansies in our 1801 Root Stepper custom grow program. Orders for this program are due each year sometime in June for September or October delivery.