'Tis the Season

Poinsettias are everywhere during the Christmas Season! They are the top selling potted flowering plant in the U.S. and make up more than 80% of all potted plant sales during the winter holiday season. This makes it extremely important for retailers to have a visibly distinct poinsettia that sets them apart in an ever-growing and changing poinsettia market.


At Lucas Greenhouses, we keep our eye on this ever-changing market by growing almost 150 different varieties in our rooted liner program combined with regular trials of all new introductions from the three leading Poinsettia breeders. This helps us to choose the varieties that will give our customers the most spectacular colors and best growth habits.


 Novelties are a great way to differentiate you from the competition and add profit to your winter sales. Ruby Frost, from Syngenta Flowers, is a unique, eye-catching novelty that is great for the early season market. With their unique, incurred leaves and bracts, the Winter Rose Red gives off a sophisticated look that makes them popular as center pieces for celebrations. You should also order early the variety Red Glitter which is known for its white flecks on red. It is always one of our first poinsettias to sell out for the season.

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