Burpee Peppers 'Costa Rican Sweet Hybrid'

These 6-in. (15-cm) ruby red peppers have more flavor than most sweet bells and are best in salads or sliced for dip.

Color: Red

Interesting Notes:

Generally, peppers are problem-free from pests and disease, but the same pests and diseases that plague tomatoes and eggplants will occasionally attack them. With basic precautions, you can keep your peppers

Growing Tips for Homeowners:

Costa Rican Sweet is a truly tasty pepper that’s easy to grow in gardens and patio pots – ready to pick in less than three months. Plant in a sunny garden bed or in a large patio pot and keep well-watered. Fertilize two or three weeks after planting. Perfect for salads and dips, they’re also delicious roasted or grilled.

Characteristics & Attributes:


  • Full Sun