Burpee Herbs 'Oregano Greek'

These bushy plants are topped by white flowers in summer. It's the must-have herb for pizza and tomato sauces. 

Height: 14-24 in

Interesting Notes:

Water as needed all season to keep soil evenly moist, keeping your eye out for the first sign of wilt. Wilting is a sure sign that your oregano needs water. Feed with a vegetable fertilizer to ensure your bountiful harvest.

Growing Tips for Homeowners:

This is the herb that is synonymous with pizza and tomato sauce, as well as Italian dishes, fish and salad dressings. The wild spice of ancient Greece, Greek oregano was originally grown only for medicinal use, but today's gardeners harvest the dark-green leaves for their warm and spicy flavor that is stronger than regular oregano. The busy plants are topped by white flowers in summer.


Characteristics & Attributes:


  • Full Sun