Burpee Herbs 'Mint Peppermint'

Wonderfully aromatic and fast growing.

Height: 4-6 in

USDA Zone: 3-10

Interesting Notes:

Peppermint is easy to grow and spreads quickly, so try it in a patio container or even a container “planted” in the garden. It prefers full sun and has square purple stems; the purplish leaves have pointed tips, making Peppermint a unique ornamental plant. It’s best as a dried herb with vegetables, as a garnish, in sauces and combined with other herbs to make tea.

Growing Tips for Homeowners:

Harvest mint leaves before the plant flowers. Cut about half-way down the stalk, leaving smaller shoots in-tact to continue growing. Leaves can be chopped or muddled to release their aroma and oils.


Characteristics & Attributes:


  • Full Sun