Burpee Herbs 'Dill Bouquet'

Fast growing and easy care. This herb has attractive, delicate fernlike foliage is a multi-purpose plant you can grow for seeds or foliage. 

Height: 36 in

Interesting Notes:

Fresh dill is best, as it has the most flavor, but it can be used dried as well. Harvest plant stems and "shave" the fronds for chopping and adding to dishes such as soups, fish and vegetables.

Growing Tips for Homeowners:

Dill originates in Eastern Europe, but is a great addition to herb gardens or patio containers (deeper than 10 in./25 cm) in almost any climate. Grown for its seeds and foliage, dill has a strong flavor used often with fish, lamb, potatoes and even peas. It’s fast-growing and easy to maintain. To encourage seed production, allow the flowers to form and go to seed. For freshdill, remove the leaves just as the herb flowers.


Characteristics & Attributes:


  • Full Sun