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Calibrachoa hybrida 'Callie Sky Blue'

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CAL-CAL-503-LS51 Rooted Cuttings 51 Count Tray

Calibrachoa Callie's are great plants to add to any floral environment. Their high versatility makes them a wise choice as a filler or border plant. Enjoy many different beautiful bell shaped flowers in a variety of colors. Create a beautiful combination or accent window boxes and hanging baskets with colorful trailing Callies. The Callie series has a spread of 12-16 inches, requiring a space of 8-10 inches to properly grow and has an optimal height of 4-8 inches. The ability to thrive in full or part sun, complement many other plants of flowers, or simply stand-alone make it a great choice for your home or garden. In particular, Callie Rose displays a vibrant bright violet-rose blooms.

  • Bred for early flowering under shorter day lengths
  • Dense, semi-trailing habit is ideal for premium baskets and large containers
  • Big vigor, bold colors, and continuous blooms spring to fall
  • Full pallet of colors
  • Very compatible with other varieties in mixed containers such as lobelia, petunia, and verbena
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