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With a full line of top genetics from leading breeders Ecke, Syngenta Flowers, Selecta, and Dummen, the Lucas Poinsettia Liner Program is your one source for a complete program.

Our fully rooted liners are grown in the Oasis Wedge 10 Strip, which advocates uniform plant development and provides safe protection during shipping and handling.  The unique shape of the Oasis Wedge also encourages downward root growth, which results in rapid transplant "takeoff".

Poinsettia Liners are available for shipment starting in early July through mid-September.

We also are now Independent Root N' Sell carrying the full spectrum of Syngenta bred geraniums, new guineas, Goldfisch vegetative, Kwik Kombo combination liners and Yoder mums.

For the 2016 season, we have also added several selections from Kientzler, Danzinger, Sakata, Dummen, Oro, Beekenkamp, Selecta, and Trixi combination liners.  We strongly advise getting your liner orders into your brokers in time for them to reach us by early October to help ensure cutting availability.  




2016-2017 Young Plant Catalog

2016-2017 Supplemental Liner Catalog


Spring Combos


Mountain View

Preview the varieties of the Poinsettias we offer in these catalogs:

Dummen (plus Ecke)




All the above programs are only sold thru the broker network.

Brokers you can now view our current liner availability by clicking here Current Liner Availability .


Download Additional Information

2016 - 2017 Spring Rooted Cutting Lister Excel

Variety Lister for Lucas Greenhouse Spring 2016 Root & Sell Program

2016 - 2017 Spring Rooted Cutting Lister PDF

Variety Lister for Lucas Greenhouse Spring 2016 Root & Sell Program